SLEEP and your BABY
SLEEP and your BABY

SLEEP and your BABY

Brigitte Langevin (autrice)
Éditions de Mortagne (editeurs)

Did you know that habits adopted in the first months of life determine if you’ll be a good sleeper or a candidate for insomnia later in life? That’s why parents have a major educational responsibility. However, few of them know the importance and the benefits of a good-quality sleep for a newborn and his development.
The revised and expanded edition of this book talks about an infant’s sleep needs, and takes the mystery out of some beliefs regarding the pacifier, the comfort object, gastroesophageal reflux, separation anxiety and bonding. You’ll also find in this book the 15-second strategy that has been proven and adapted to encourage sleep training for your little baby.
May your future nights of sleep be the best ever!

Also available in digital format (PDF - EPUB)

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A renowned speaker, Brigitte Langevin works as a coach throughout the French-speaking community, in Canada and in Europe.  Author of the succesful book Comment aider mon enfant à mieux dormir, she helps out parents who wish to improve their Child's sleep.  As she is known to always say: a baby that sleeps well is hpaay, and so are his parents!

Respected by many pediatricians and health professionals, Brigitte Langevin has been interviewed numerous times on the radio and on television.  She alos writes articles for magazines intended for parents and on the internet.  Her work can also regularly be read on Facebook.


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